In Carvoeiro on your way to Rua do Baranco 82 you will find Restaurant Chef's Kitchen on the left and some garbage containers on the right.
Park your car temporarily in front of the green garage door which reads Entrada.
The main entrance reads   Cabrita Mar /  LOTE 11  and is situated in between 2 shops.
You will be staying in apartment "U" on the 3rd floor.
Get your keys out of the key-vault at the entrance of the building. Yours is the one with the black striping.



Open the protective lid from the top to reach the number dials. Dial to the correct code and then push the two buttons -indicated with the blue arrows- to open.
Take the keys including the remote for the secured parking.

Close both lids and turn the dials to another combination to prevent others getting your code.
Open the main entrance door to the elevators with the small unmarked key. Or park your car in the parking behind the green door at the right hand side reading "entrada".

Private Parking.
Open the green "ENTRADA" door using the remote upper key.

Parking space "U" is your dedicated spot. You can walk out via the internal door which leads you to the elevators. See picture.
You need the small red key or the remote to get back into the garage, so always keep your keys on your body to prevent locking yourself out!
You can drive out of the parking via the second door which can be opened with the second knob on your remote. Watch out: this exit is narrow; drive carefully. See picture.
If you are unsure about the size of your car you can also leave via the entrance door.

Use the elevators to bring you to the 3rd floor.  The entrance of apartment U is opposite of the elevators.
Or use the stairway located behind the big white door.
Use the biggest key to unlock the door to the apartment.