Wining & Dining (times are stated in car minutes)

Benagil (3 min)
Carvoeiro (10 min)
Feragudo (15 min)
Silves (15 min)
Porches (10min)

If you don't want to drive to far just go to Benagil. In high season park your car on the big parking lot when you enter from the east. You can also walk there ( 20 minutes ) but remember; you also have to walk back....

Our favourites:

Good restaurant with big outer terrace. From chicken piri piri to a fresh caught snapper. Great family staff, good food and fair prices.
Very nice restaurant with nice interior and high standard food, quite pricy.
On top of the hill. Newly refurbished in portuguese style, very good quality and a fair price.

Lots of restaurants to be found here.  A bit difficult to park your car here in high season.
Tip: when you enter Carvoeiro from the east, take one of the steep streets left and you will find a parking spot somewhere.
Our favourites:

Villa Medici
Italian restaurant on your way into the town centre, high standard italian food.

European dishes and great seaview from the terrace. Located on the steep road going up lefthand side from the town beach. You can only walk up there.

Paradise Indian restaurant
There are three; two on the same side as villa medici, the other on the road going inland from Carvoeiro centre. When you like hot and spicy visit them. Very good indian food and even faster service.

Le Crox
If you like tapas in a small restaurant with lots of personal attention from the staff this is the place.
You can find it in the middle of Carvoeiro

Located in the upper part of Carvoeiro in the direction of Ferragudo you will find this place run by a belgium couple. Superb food and superb prices.

Our favourites:

Fim do Mundo
Great Beef restaurant !  Run by Australians. Relaxed atmosphere.
Reservation required !

Located at the end of the little fishing harbour overlooking Portimao at the other side of the river.
Lots of fresh fish here !

Club Nau
Located on the beach of Ferragudo. Good food, OK prices. If you like to dance; every Sunday afternoon live music.

Kalu Beach Bar
Also located on the beach of Ferragudo right next to club Nau. Very relaxed atmosphere.
Open for lunch, have a hamburger with French fries !


You can find lots of restaurants when you enter the town go left after the bridge. Our choice :

Cafe Ingles
Located on top of the hill just beneath the castle. Very pittoresk location under the trees. Reasonable food and a fair price.

O Leão
Very nice little restaurant with high standard food. Almost a Michelin star. Firm pricing...

Wining & Dining